What is Linkage to Care

The Linkage to Care Peer Guide Training Program is designed to prepare persons as Peer Guides to assist those who have been recently diagnosed as HIV-positive, as well as those who know their status but have fallen out of medical care. During the ten week classroom training portion of the program, Peer Guides learn how to help navigate HIV-positive clients through the many challenges they often face getting into care. With the help of local experts, we cover these and other topics in the ten week, four hour a week training component of the program:
• HIV 101
• Substance Abuse
• Stigma
• Gender Identity
• Sexual Identity
• Mental Health
• Re-Entry (from prison)
• Motivational Interviewing
• Ethics & Professionalism
• Stages of Change Theory

In addition to the ten week training with the local experts, the Peer Guides also complete a ten week supervised internship with local community-based organizations and AIDS service organizations, gaining hands-on experience for 15 hours a week.

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